Corporate "Life" ... Isn't.

Sooo…I spent most of my career in marketing for a technology company and after 20 grueling years of 10 to 20 hour days (yes, including so many all-nighters I stopped counting) I eventually worked my way up to head of global marketing then, at the age of 49; (the death knell for many corporate drones), I was laid off and decided I just couldn’t go back to the job search and mind-numbing interviews with “Human Resource Professionals” who were neither “human”, nor a “resource” and rarely, if ever, “professional”. 

So the “what can I do?” refrain was playing non-stop, day and night in my head. I still couldn’t shake the dream of NOT working for someone else again; especially working for someone else in “corporate America”, which is redundant because what isn’t “corporate” in “America” anymore?

I always had the idea of making my own mayonnaise or mustard. I mean, condiments are a happy thing! Whenever I use condiments, it’s because I’m having something yummy at a cook-out or with family and friends enjoying a meal. Good times, good fun. The total opposite of a soul-sucking corporate job. But mayo has eggs and that could be difficult to turn into a business and mustard? Ever look at a mustard aisle in the supermarket? Been done a thousand times over.

Then I thought about ketchup. I love ketchup but every darn one of those bottles had either sugar or high fructose corn syrup or both! So, I started to make my own ketchup. From scratch. In small batches. And you know what? People loved it! Then, I decided to start a ketchup company. Simple, right? Well, there’s some backstory here so check in later and we’ll ketchup.