How to Cook Ostrich (yea.)

Now I know the internal temp to which one should cook Emu and Ostrich. Seriously, the licensing classes and food prep certifications are important but some of it is just complete common sense or NA, unless I guess, if you live in an yurt off-grid then sanitary food prep is probably last on your list right after finding potable water. (DISCLAIMER: I’m sure if you live in an yurt, it’s very nice and sanitary. I’m not picking on you for your choice of abode, I’m just using you as a comedic device so I hope you don’t mind…and if you do live in an yurt, I prefer to think of it decorated like the inside of the “I Dream of Jeannie” bottle)

Back to the ketchup.

Found bottles, but need logo before I can get the license I was told I need when I called DOH about four months ago!

Short post cuz I’m racing to get this thing going! Ketchup later!